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At Well Within Chiropractic & Shockwave, we offer support for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing, whether you're seeking relief from pain, better focus and energy, improved physical performance and mobility, or overall wellness. When seeking chiropractic care in Bend OR, we believe it’s essential to connect with a healer who not only possesses a depth of knowledge and experience as a practitioner, but who prioritizes listening closely, engaging creatively and treating the whole person.

Experienced Bend OR Chiropractor

For over 25 years, Dr. Christine Maclean and her team have been committed to providing exceptional care to individuals of all ages. We want to hear your unique story and help you access your pure health potential!

Our approach combines gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques with nutrition, functional movement, breathwork, and meditation to help you find relief from pain, improve function, reduce stress, and achieve balance and harmony within. Our compassionate holistic approach addresses and supports the entire individual - mind, body, and spirit.

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